Welcome to my site! I am a film & video editor currently based in Tampa, FL. Since departing my medical career in order to indulge the storyteller in me, I have developed a reputation for producing compelling, visually striking films that leave audiences wanting more.

My background as a physician means you can always expect complete professionalism and reliability when you choose to involve me in your project. If you need an editor for your project of any size or budget, please don't hesitate to contact me!

about me

Great stories are not created by accident. When an audience responds and engages with a story, whether on screen, stage or the printed page, it is the result of a great deal of careful preparation, dedication and passion. Filmmaking, in particular, is of necessity a collaborative process.

It is my belief that the editing room is where a film truly takes shape and its ultimate impact on the audience is decided. I create moving, compelling and informative stories and documentaries by assembling footage in fresh and innovative ways. Combining images to invoke new and unexpected meanings and associations fascinates me. This has always been a source of inspiration to me.

My process as an editor begins with a careful review of the footage I am given. At this stage, my primary goal is to exclude any material that is, for whatever reason, unusable. However, from the very beginning I am already looking for unintended ways of editing the material together that can serendipitously convey a meaningful and impactful message to the audience. These moments of finding creative connections within the material are what really make the film editing process rewarding to me as an artist.

demo reel
2009 - 2012
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Art Institute of Tampa; Tampa, FL

1996 - 2000
Doctor of Medicine
Texas Tech Health Sciences School of Medicine; Lubbock, TX

1992 - 1996
Bachelor of Science
Rice University; Houston, TX

Of Stony Sleep (2012)

Jackson (2012)

Blueberry Pale Ale (2012)
Editor/Camera Operator/Script Supervisor

Day 319 (2011)

The Egyptian Revolution (2011)

The Griesly Bride (2010)

The Briefcase (2010)

Final Cut Studio
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Contact info
  • Name: Peter Girgis
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: (941)301-8527